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Version: 0.6

Interacting with the Feature Store


tecton.get_workspaceReturns a tecton.Workspace instance for the workspace with the provided name.
tecton.list_workspacesReturns a list of the names of all registered Workspaces.
tecton.get_current_workspaceReturns the current workspace set by environment variable, Tecton config file, or tecton workspace select command.
tecton.WorkspaceWorkspace class.

Helper Classes & Functions

tecton.clear_credentialsClears Tecton API key and Tecton URL overrides.
tecton.set_credentialsExplicitly override tecton credentials settings.
tecton.test_credentialsTest credentials and throw an exception if unauthenticated.
tecton.who_am_iIntrospect the current User or API Key used to authenticate with Tecton.
tecton.TectonDataFrameA thin wrapper around Pandas, Spark, and Snowflake dataframes.
tecton.FeatureVectorFeatureVector Class.
tecton.set_validation_modeConvenience utility to set the Tecton object validation mode for the lifetime of the Python process.


tecton.Workspace.get_datasetReturns a Dataset that has been saved to this workspace.
tecton.Workspace.list_datasetsReturns a list of all saved Datasets within a workspace.
tecton.DatasetDataset class.

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