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Version: 0.6

Releases & Upgrades

Supported Releases

The following table lists the supported Tecton SDK versions. The full release history, including the latest patch for these versions, can be found here.

VersionRelease DateEnd of Support DateRelease NotesUpgrade Guide
0.7Jul 26, 2023Jul 25, 2024Tecton 0.70.6 to 0.7
0.6Mar 15, 2023March 14, 2024Tecton 0.60.5 to 0.6
0.5Oct 3, 2022Oct 2, 2023Tecton 0.5-

Version notes for each release can be found in the Tecton Changelog.

Versioning Scheme

Tecton releases a new stable version about every quarter and defines a support period for which it will be maintained. The purpose of this release process is to give customers a reliable SDK and a deprecation timeline. We recommend all production environments to be pinned to a stable version of Tecton. See How to manage Tecton versions and safely upgrade for more detailed guidance.

Tecton will release any bug fixes or minor changes to supported releases as a patch version. Customers can typically safely upgrade to patch versions for production applications without significant testing. We encourage customers to be on the latest patch for these stable versions to ensure they have the latest bug fixes and security updates.

Out-of-support versions may break at any time. Tecton will notify users when their current version is approaching the end of its support period.

Deprecation Process

Deprecation of SDK features, parameters, or behavior typically occurs over multiple releases to provide sufficient time for migration.

For example, if a Tecton SDK parameter is renamed from param_a (in version 0.5 and below) to param_b (in version 0.6+):

  1. In 0.6, the SDK will support both parameters but using param_a will log a warning during tecton plan / tecton apply.
  2. In 0.7, the SDK will only support param_b. Using param_a will raise a specific Tecton error.
  3. In 0.8+, the SDK will only support param_b. Using param_a will raise a generic Python keyword argument error.

Beta Releases

New SDK functionality is first released as a Beta version, typically multiple times a week. Beta versions are intended to allow customers to preview Tecton's new features. Tecton does not guarantee any stability between Beta versions and they are not recommended for production systems.

Any new functionality will be listed here. All beta versions are also listed here.

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